A Reflection On My Work Life

A Simple Smooth Life

Woman Went Clever Gleeful

Gentle Light Inside

A Vision For My Future

Feeling Logical

Fathom The Shelter For Her

A Woman Wise Here

A Tirade About My Romantic Life

What Charm Dreaming Through

Wild Desperate Glorious

My Grand Simple Life

A Regret About Our World

Salty Promises

Sleeping Trouble Glancing Up

So Timidly Screwed

A Desire for My Future

Glorious Sleep Shines

Under My Too Heavy Heart

Finally Flying

I recently bought this box of cubes, called Haikubes. The idea is this:

You roll all the cubes
The red lettered cubes tell you what the haiku’s about
Use the rest of the cubes to write the haiku

I posted these photos on my main tumblr last night then decided today that I might want to just post these separately. And so, this tumblr was created. Enjoy.